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4 Dangerous Furnace Smells

When you turn on your heater during a cold front, do you have to deal with smelly air coming from the vents? If the answer is yes, your heating system needs some help! One of the main indicators of needed furnace repairs is abnormal odors coming from your system. If your nose senses something off, don’t suffer through it!

Air Tech of Conroe is the Conroe heater repair company that can provide the expert team of technicians you need to locate the source of your furnace smell. Though some smells may just be inconvenient, keep in mind that others can be dangerous and risk your health. Whether your heater smells musty or is emitting even worse smells, we have the causes and solutions here!

Rotten Egg Furnace Smells

Many furnaces are fueled by gas, creating heat by igniting the gas within the combustion chamber of the unit. If the system works properly, the gas is contained far from your breathable air. However, if a malfunction occurs that causes a crack or weakness between the combustion chamber and other areas, you could experience a gas leak.

Natural gas is an odorless, colorless gas, so it’s nearly impossible to identify in its natural state. This is why manufacturers insert a chemical into the gas that is scented. If you notice a strong odor of rotten eggs blowing from your vents or in your home, you could have an extremely dangerous gas leak. Immediately leave the area, and then call emergency services!

Burning Smells In Your Heater

Another alarming odor you might smell from your vents is a burning smell. To be clear, there is one time a slight burning smell will occur. When you turn the heater on at the beginning of the season, the sudden heat will start to burn off a collection of dust that has accumulated. This odor should fade within a few hours.

If you ever smell harsh burning that seems like rubber or plastic melting, this is a problem! Shut down your system as soon as you can to prevent any further damage. The motor can burn itself out or the system can overheat, causing certain materials to burn or melt within the unit. You’ll need a professional to locate the source of the smell and ensure there is no risk of fire or further damage.

Musty/Moldy Furnace Odor

We all know the sour smell of mold, but smelling it from your HVAC system is a really bad sign. Mold thrives wherever there’s moisture — including inside your heater or air ducts. If you keep smelling moldy odors from your vents or around your heating unit, you could have a mold invasion. While mold may not seem like a big deal, it can actually affect your health if you’re exposed to it for a long time. Additionally, as long as one mold spore is left or missed after cleaning, it can grow back. This is why you might need a professional to evaluate the extent of the mold growth and recommend professional cleaning.

Biological Heater Scents

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to prevent all creatures from entering your air ducts or HVAC system. Insects, rodents and other uninvited guests might use your air ducts as a passageway. This means that fur, excrement and even bodies can be present in your air ducts. If you notice a rotting or biological smell, you may have a critter’s body in your air ducts. If you can locate the carcass, removing it will usually eliminate the smell. Otherwise, you’ll need a pro to search the ducts of the source of the smell.

Furnace Smells Are A Thing Of The Past!

When you work with Air Tech of Conroe, your heater will cease to emit strange smells every winter. While you may be used to some of your furnace odors, fresh, clean air is the only thing that should be coming from your vents. Let us clear the air and help protect the health of your home and family with our furnace repair services. Contact us today to start a service request!

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