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DIY Heater Maintenance

October 30, 2023 | Blog

When it comes to maintaining your heater, your instinct might be to call an HVAC professional for help. Although you can never go wrong seeking help from an experienced technician, have you ever thought about doing a few minor routine maintenance tasks yourself?

Performing a few heating upkeep tasks can save you some time and money. At Air Tech of Conroe, we’d like to share a few ways you can take the responsibility of maintaining your own heater — you might find that the process is easier than you thought!

When To Schedule Conroe Heater Maintenance

It’s best to get your heater serviced by a professional once every year. Having one of our technicians perform a heating tune-up will help the machinery last longer with fewer issues. Scheduling maintenance before the cooler season is best so that you can ensure your heater is working when it should.

How To Maintain Your Own Heater

You might be wondering, is maintaining my own heater safe? Do I need to be a skilled technician to do it? In general, it’s best to have one of our skilled professionals handle your unit. However, there are a few measures you can take to give your heating system the upkeep it needs to operate.

1. Turn Off Your System’s Power Source

Before carrying out any kind of work that has to do with an electrical or gas appliance, make sure to turn off the power.

Turn off the electrical power and fuel supply to the furnace. You can turn off the electrical power by toggling the on-off switch on the unit. To cut off the fuel supply, find the fuel shutoff valve, which is usually near the oil tank or the incoming gas pipe.

2. Check And Clean The Burners

Your burners use fuel to generate heat, but dust and dirt can accumulate on them. If your burners have collected debris, use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to remove any buildup. Your heater is made up of fragile components, so make sure to use caution when cleaning the burners. Additionally, check that the unit is off and completely cooled before cleaning.

3. Change The Furnace Filter

Over time, your furnace filter traps dust, dirt and other debris that can potentially enter the system and compromise its operational abilities. Be sure to replace the air filter every one to three months to ensure enhanced air quality and that your system works its best!

Other DIY Heater Maintenance Tips

In addition to these maintenance steps, there are other tasks you can perform to help maintain your heater long-term. These steps include:

  • Reading your heater maintenance guide
  • Keeping your furnace in a well-ventilated space
  • Clearing objects away from the heater
  • Opening your vents at home

The key to maintaining your heater is to keep good habits year-round. A seasonal furnace tune-up is essential to keeping the machinery operating efficiently. However, the proper upkeep also goes a long way in prolonging its service life.

Make Upkeep Easier With A Seasonal Furnace Tune-Up

Even if you feel confident doing DIY heater maintenance on your own, it’s a safe choice to call our professionals for help. Safety should always be a homeowner’s top priority, especially regarding their heating system.

Our team at Air Tech Conroe is just around the corner if you need extra HVAC support! Reach out to us to maximize your home systems with high-quality heater maintenance.

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