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7 End-of-Winter HVAC Tips

March 14, 2024 | Blog

Welcome Spring With Air Tech Of Conroe

Despite the groundhog’s best efforts, winter is coming to an end. To you, spring might evoke thoughts of warm, beautiful days and blossoming gardens. For your HVAC system, however, spring is a tough transitional period.

Your AC — which was probably left untouched for months — now has to do all the heavy lifting. There are a few important ways to prepare for this switch, which can take some of the strain off your cooling system.

An HVAC maintenance appointment with Air Tech of Conroe can identify minor malfunctions before they become disastrous. Before your appointment, here are some air conditioner maintenance tips to prepare your system for spring.

1. Test Your AC And Thermostat

Perhaps the easiest — and most important — step is testing your thermostat. Run your AC for approximately 30 minutes each day. When you do so, look at the thermostat to check that your home reaches your desired temperature.

If your air conditioning unit is successful multiple days in a row, you’re probably in good shape for spring. If your system is unsuccessful, reach out about HVAC repairs right away.

2. Change Your Air Filters

Yet another easy step is replacing your filters. Many homeowners wait for a professional to swap out their filters during AC tune-up appointments. However, we recommend you change them every 90 days — or even every 60 days if you have a shedding dog or cat.

On top of spreading allergens and irritants, a dirty filter can overwork your HVAC system, leading to long-term damage that might reveal itself in the new season.

3. Examine Your Outdoor AC Unit

Before spring, check your outdoor unit for any debris. Throughout the fall or winter, branches and leaves may have gathered in its vents or small animals may have even nested inside. All of these troublemakers must be removed before you run your system.

Alternatively, if you placed condenser covers over the unit through fall and winter, you’ll need to remove them before the weather gets warmer.

4. Check For HVAC Leaks And Cracks

It’s essential to check both your air conditioner and furnace for leaking or cracking. You can glance at your unit to check for any corroded metal components. Additionally, if you notice a dripping or bubble-blowing sound when you run your system, there’s probably a leak that must be repaired.

Leaks can cause serious issues for your HVAC units. For example, refrigerant leaks can cause your AC to freeze. If you’ve identified a leak, reach out to our team to schedule your repair service.

5. Clean Air Ducts And Vents

Regular vent maintenance ensures optimal airflow, preventing strain on your HVAC system and promoting efficient performance throughout your home. Go from room to room checking vents and ducts for any blockage. Move furniture away from vents to allow adequate airflow.

Take the time to dust and wipe your vents clean. Much like a dirty filter, a dirty vent can prevent adequate circulation, thus overworking and damaging your system.

6. Invest In A Thermostat Upgrade

If you’re willing to take greater measures for spring preparation, consult with our team about thermostat upgrades. Newer thermostats have more intelligent automation functions than older models.

Smart thermostats can alter your system’s cooling settings based on the current indoor and outdoor environment. This allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently, saving both energy and money.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

If these steps seem to be too much to handle on your own, consider an AC tune-up from Air Tech of Conroe. Our comprehensive maintenance covers all aspects of your system, including the filter, vents, ductwork, thermostat and outdoor unit, ensuring everything operates smoothly for the spring season.

Contact our team at Air Tech of Conroe to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance appointment!

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