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Why Does My Home Feel Humid?

March 10, 2022 | Blog

Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of coming home to a humid house? Or maybe your home is just generally a little too muggy for your liking?

At Air Tech of Conroe, we’re passionate about making sure that your home is your comfort place, and we’ve got answers to your questions about combating unwelcome humidity in your home.

Humidity in Your Home

With warmer weather fast approaching, the last thing you want to deal with is unexpectedly sticky air in your home.

Homes can be overly humid for a number of reasons, including the design of your home, insulation and the surrounding climate and temperature in Texas. This means that humidity might just be due to your home’s design, but it doesn’t mean you have to deal with it invading your space.

In fact, humidity can have harmful long term effects on your home, including:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Damaged furniture
  • Mechanical problems

What Should My Humidity Level Be?

So, with humidity in your house being a tricky thing to maintain, you need to know what humidity level is best for your home. With that being said, to check your home’s humidity level, buy yourself a hygrometer.

Hygrometers are instruments used to measure water vapor in air, soil and other small spaces and can be bought at your favorite home improvement store.
Once you have your hygrometer, you can use it to check the humidity in the air. As a general rule, a home’s humidity level should be between 30-40%.

If you’re reaching 40% or higher, it may be time for some action, but what can you do about it? Read below to learn more!


Getting a dehumidifier is possibly the best way to reduce the humidity in your home to a comfortable level. Dehumidifiers work by drawing the warm air of your home into refrigerated coils and essentially trapping condensation in the system.

Some signs you might benefit from a dehumidifier besides elevated humidity are:

  • Window and door condensation
  • Mold spots on ceilings and wall corners
  • Musty odors

Rearrange Your Houseplants

Plants are beautiful companions for your home, but they can produce a lot of moisture. If you have a large number of indoor plants, try moving some of them outside if possible and see if that helps your humidity levels.

Use Exhaust Fans

When you’re cooking or taking a shower, always be sure to turn on your ventilation fans.

Ventilation fans help reduce the humidity in your air by removing emissions before they mix into the surrounding air. They also increase the overall air exchange in the home, removing contaminants from your indoor air quality.

Fix Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes in your home can add to the overall moisture by introducing more water and condensation in the air, which is the last thing you want! If your energy bill has recently skyrocketed, you have foundation cracks or can hear water sounds when the water is turned off, you might be dealing with a leaky pipe problem that is adding to your overall humidity levels.

There are some ways to fix leaky pipes on your own, but you might want to call in a professional to come check out the plumbing in your home.

Call the Indoor Air Quality Pros!

If you’ve tried everything and just can’t seem to reduce the humidity in your home, it might be time for us to come take a look. At Air Tech of Conroe, your comfort is our passion. We have proudly served Conroe and the surrounding area for years, and we have the experience and skill to help you remedy any air quality problems you may be having.

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