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Easy Ways To Fix Your AC Smell

May 23, 2023 | Blog

Every homeowner will experience a funky odor in their residence at some point. Perhaps the trash didn’t get taken out. Or maybe someone left dinner in the oven for a little too long. These unpleasant smells are common but should never come from your air conditioning system.

Air Tech of Conroe is here to help remove any nasty AC aromas! Our team of experienced technicians is honored to have served the greater Houston area for over 35 years. Keep reading to learn the causes of air conditioner odors and how to solve the smelly situation.

3 AC Smells + What They Mean

Your AC unit is a versatile piece of machinery. As a result, it experiences various issues that may create a few distinct odors. Every problem has a solution, many of which can be corrected with professional assistance or DIY troubleshooting.

Musty Aroma

When your AC releases a mildew-like scent, it indicates a moisture problem. This issue can form due to clogs in the condensate line or leaky ductwork. An HVAC technician can correct these situations during an AC repair service.

Additionally, debris buildup can form along the evaporator coils and cause them to freeze. You can combat this problem by thawing and cleaning the coils. Moisture-related AC problems should be corrected as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of mold growth in your unit.

Burning Smell

During the winter, your air conditioner is not used as frequently. Dust can accumulate on the system as a result. Once the machinery is turned on after a long period, it may burn some of the dust away.

You can attempt to combat stench-related problems by changing the system’s air filter. The build-up may create an odor if the filter is due for a replacement. However, your air conditioner’s internal parts may be short-circuiting if the odor persists. A professional should handle this issue if an electrical malfunction occurs.

Rotten Odor

Animals and insects are sneaky. These critters can occasionally enter your ducts, treating them as a temporary shelter. A few pests that can enter your ductwork are:

  • Insects
  • Mice and rats
  • Squirrels
  • Birds
  • Lizards
  • Raccoons

These animals can die in your ductwork, producing a rotting or decaying smell. It’s recommended to have these pests professionally removed. However, if you decide to remove them yourself, you’ll want to take precautions to prevent potential health concerns.

When Should I Contact An HVAC Company Near Me?

Some air conditioner smells aren’t just a hassle — they are also dangerous. Rotten egg, skunky or gas-like aromas should be handled immediately. These smells may indicate a gas leak in your home, which can be fatal in extreme situations.

If you suspect a gas leak is forming, evacuate your home and contact emergency services immediately. A professional HVAC company can provide comfort-related solutions once the hazard has been resolved.

Breathe Easier With Professional AC Repair In Conroe

When AC-related issues occur, Air Tech of Conroe is here to lend a helping hand. Our team of professionals prioritizes the safety and comfort of our fellow Conroe homeowners. If you notice a funky stench coming from your air conditioner, don’t ignore the problem! Contact us today to keep your home smelling fresh by scheduling your next AC repair service.

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